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About us

WEALTHON BUSINESS ADVISORY was formed to neutralize the aggressive competitive trend in the banking and financial institution. In the markets bank & financial institution has been provides many kinds of complicated products with terms & conditions, which make the clients was not really understood and confuse about what kinds of offer has been taken by them. Therefore, WEALTHON BUSINESS ADVISORY comes into the picture act as a match maker between a borrower who is interested in seeking loan and a lender, i.e., bank or financial institution.

WEALTHON BUSINESS ADVISORY came about out of a borrower’s need to obtain information and knowledge on how to obtain a loan and the lenders’ need to expand their reach to the SME in the most cost effective manner.

Many SME/SMI are not familiar with the process of obtaining loan and often become frustrated with the bureaucracy associated with sourcing of facilities and seeking a loan to finance for working capital. There are bankers to deal with to negotiate terms and conditions of the loan, structure of the loan, and interest. Basically, the lenders for the all important loan to only company who are fulfilling their internal criteria. For financing, the questions arise as to which lender and which loan package suits them best. Shopping for the most suitable loan package can be tough and time consuming as the lenders’ officers normally restrict their advice to loan packages that is available from their own range of products. This results in more confusion in the mind of a SME/SMI, especially when each of the lenders’ officers would claim that his loan package is the best.

WEALTHON BUSINESS ADVISORY provides third party and genuine advice to their clients in order to avoid hidden cost and potential cost which might be bear by clients in the futures. Besides that, sometimes taking too much time to shop around to look for the best deal of packages from the bank might very costly. WEALTHON BUSINESS ADVISORY provides analysis services on all kind of products from the bank and recommended + arrangement the suitable products to the clients, in order to fulfill the satisfaction is our key philosophy!

Our Customers!

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Machinery & Parts Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Developer & Contractor
  • Plastic Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • FMCG Industry
  • Cosmetic and Beauty industry
  • Hardware & Building Material Industry
  • Water refinery
  • Security & Equipment Supply
  • Laboratory supply
  • Education Line
  • Advertising and Promotion Firm
  • Sport Equipment Supply
  • Food & Beverage
  • Retailer
  • Logistic and Shipping
  • Green Tech

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Funding Strategy 1.0
Funding Strategy 1.0
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