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Property Advisory

When Talking about Invest or Buying a Property We Have to Look Into Many Aspects!

  1. Invest in an Asset can benefit my business?
  2. How to Maximize my Asset Return?
  3. Buy under Company Name Or Individual Name?
  4. When the time is my company needs to Sell/Buy the property?

Property Advisory:

  • When Invest Or Purchase A Property What You Need To Consider?
    - Buy or Rent
    - Buy under Company Name or Individual Name
    - What type of property should I buy
    - What is the Legal, Stamp Duty, Valuation or others cost incur
    - Do I able to get Loan financing
    - Do I pay sufficient Tax to own a property
    - Do my company over Gear/ High Liabilities
    - My Company able to repay the installment
    - Company VS Individual Property Loan Interest Rate
  • Do You Familiar With The Process Of Property Transaction Involvement?
    - Vendor
    - Developer
    - Property Agent
    - Banker
    - Property Valuer
    - Lawyer
    - Land Office
    - Auction House

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