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Business Advisory

- Business Name card Feng Sui

- Business Modeling Solution

- Business Module to Attract Investor Solution

- Crowd Funding Solution

- Fund Raising Solution

- Traditional Business Tranformation into Tech Platform solution

- Director & shareholder Solution

- Fraud & Syndication Prevention Solution

- Bankruptcy Partner Prevention Solution

- Banking Issue

- Property Issue 

- Business Collaboration Strategy solution

Funding Strategy
SKM Certification
SME WorkShop
SME Business Planning + Financial Analysis Workshop! ~ Increase Bank Loan Approval!



  • Important of Financial accounting, Management accounting, Financial management
  • Objectives of Directors & shareholders
  • Concept of maximizing shareholders’ wealth

Understanding, Analyzing and Interpreting of the Business And Financial Analysis!

  • Company & Directors cum Shareholder Bank Negara Credit Report.
  • CTOS Report – Legal issue/Bankruptcy
  • Nature of business/Industry Analysis
  • Directors + Management Team Analysis
  • Products range Analysis
  • Bank statement Analysis
  • Debtors Analysis
  • Creditors Analysis
  • Audited report Analysis
    *Existing Bank Borrowing Analysis
  • PLUS- Your Company Digitize?

What Company can Gain from the Workshop:

  • Understand your Company Credit Position
  • Awareness of Directors Cum Shareholder repayment Habit
  • The POTENTIAL and RISK in the industry
  • Management & Marketing characteristic
  • Products diversification and competitive edge
  • Cash Flow and pattern of business model
  • Increase Debtors Collection Trend
  • Increase Bargaining power with Vendors
  • Overall Company Financial Position
  • Understand Bank facilities and Borrowing
Who should attend?
  • Entrepreneurs
    - Retailer
    - Wholesaler/ Trading
    - Manufacturer
    - Developer /Contractor
    - Engineering
    - Services
    - ICT
  • Finance Manager
  • Lawyers
SMI Credit Report